Lindsay Lohan TV show to appear on Oprah Winfey Network

When someone hears the name Lindsay Lohan nowadays, the image that immediately pops into their mind is the strung-out has-been who hit a bunch of people with her car. But what about back in 2005? Lohan’s name would more than likely have been associated with her Mean Girls character, Cady, and a memorable quote from the movie (who can forget one-liners such as “get in loser, we’re going shopping!” or “so fetch!”)

In her new eight-week documentary series (aptly titled “Lindsay”), which premiered on Sunday, March 9 on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), the audience is first shown the 27-year-old actress and Oprah having a heart-to-heart. Lohan is then shown in her former, Mean Girls-era days, before the screen cuts to street footage of anonymous pedestrians being asked their opinion on Lohan. The consensus seems to be that, while she used to do great work, she has “fallen off the deep end” in recent years.

The show itself is exactly what could be expected of a “starlet fresh out of rehab and looking to make a comeback” television show: dramatically framed shots, attempts to stay sober, and tension. From being around alcohol to popping Tic Tacs, the viewer is shown what Lohan’s day-to-day life has been like since she exited rehab and began her journey back to New York and her family. We are reminded of what point in Lohan’s life we are watching by the time stamp of “days since rehab” in the lower corner of the screen.

What is different about “Lindsay” is that we get a raw look at what life after rehab can be. Since this is Lohan’s sixth “out of rehab” experience, she should be a pro on life after the fact, right? That does not appear to be the case when the audience is shown moments of a temporary loss of control on her part. From ranting bouts to yelling at her real estate agent, Lohan seems to have not quite found the “inner peace” she spent a good portion of the premiere episode discussing and claiming that she now has.

From extended previews and clips from the remaining six episodes (at time of release), there is sure to be much more chaos that ensues. The audience gets a glimpse of familial confrontations, such as Oprah being angry and swearing, some about Lohan pulling out of shoots and interviews, Lohan’s “sober coach” questioning if she is still sober, and crying. Lots and lots of crying. There is even a point where Oprah threatens to shut down the show if Lohan doesn’t get her act together.

Will this show prove to be the start of another downfall for Lohan? Or will she watch the episodes back and realize the mistakes she has made and try to remedy them? Only time and the season will tell.

All in all, “Lindsay” will provide a few hours of entertainment for TMZ-obsessed folks and for those of us who still believe that “Mean Girls” Lindsay Lohan still exists, we can continue to be hopeful about the alcoholic nut-job that is portrayed by the media.

Tune into OWN on Sundays at 9:00 PM CST to catch the newest episode of “Lindsay.”

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