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Current Event Catch-Up

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Since we’ve been gone over the summer, quite a lot has happened to our little green and blue earth. Here’s a brief recap of just a few of the events that happened in case you weren’t paying attention.

1. Puerto Rico amassed a large amount of debt over many years, and they were not going to be able to pay off their debt in time to meet their July 1st deadline. Obama and congress wrote the Promesa Act to restructure Puerto Rico’s debt and avoid a taxpayer bailout of the island.

2. Baltimore riots. Freddie Gray was arrested by Baltimore police. After being shackled and placed in the police van without being strapped with a seat belt, Gray sustained injuries to his neck and died on April 12. Riots protesting police violence erupted in Baltimore throughout the summer. Similar stories of police brutality and shootings have become commonplace in the news and riots have started in cities across the country, including Milwaukee.

3. Pulse. 49 people were killed and 50 injured during a shooting at an Orlando gay club. Communities across the world unite in support of the lives lost.

4. Donald Trump – was officially nominated as the Republican candidate during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. He has said and done more things in the previous months than we have room to list here. Of recent note, however, he released his medical records on television.

5. Hillary Clinton – was officially nominated as the Democratic candidate during the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. She has said and done more things in the previous months than we have room to list here. Of recent note, however, she had pneumonia.

6. Harambe – A three-year-old fell into a gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo. In order to ensure the boy’s safety, zoo officials killed Harambe, the gorilla. The decision to kill the gorilla was met with widespread outrage.

7. Syrian Refugee Crisis – The Syrian Civil War over the past few years has sparked one of the largest refugee crises in human history. Syrian refugees have been fleeing from their war torn country to Europe, where they have been met with somewhat xenophobic arms. Pictures of dead and injured Syrian children surfaced in the media, and support for the

8. Muhammad Ali, famous for his boxing career, died on June 3. He is buried in Louisville.

9. Brock Turner – Brock Turner was caught raping a woman at a party at Standford. A judge sentenced Turner to five months in jail Sparking national conversation about sexual assault in America.

10. Olympics – The 2016 Olympics were hosted by Rio De Janeiro. Zika was feared, Russian track and field was banned, refugees formed their own team, US Olympians caused trouble, and athletes also competed. Biles. Bolt. Phelps.

11. Fallujah, a city in Iraq captured by ISIS in 2014, was reclaimed by the Iraqi government with the aid of the US military.

12. Zika in Florida – Cases of Zika, a disease that poses a serious threat to pregnant women, have occurred within Florida. Governor Rick Scott offered free Zika testing, but was met with more of a demand for tests than labs could handle.

13. Hamilton – The smash broadway hit won 11 Tony awards.

14. NBA Playoffs – Lebron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers versus Stephen Curry and his Golden State Warriors. Lebron won.

15. Stanley Cup – Pittsburgh Penguins versus San Jose Sharks. Penguins won.

16. Shanghai Disney / Little boy killed by alligator – Disney opened its newest theme park in Shanghai. Concurrently, a toddler was killed by an alligator at a Disney resort in Florida.

17. Net neutrality – Federal appeals court ruled that internet is a basic utility and the FCC has the right to maintain net neutrality, much to the chagrin of large Internet providers. The case has been appealed and will maybe be seen in the Supreme Court.

18. Brexit – British citizens voted on whether or not they wanted to stay in the European Union. They voted to leave. Their economy suffered as a direct result of the vote, but this momentous decision will reveal larger ramifications as time progresses.

19. Bastille Day in France. 84 people were killed when a terrorist drove a bus into a crowd. Only two weeks later, a priest was murdered by a man affiliated with ISIS during mass.

20. Istanbul Airport Bombing – 36 people were killed and 147 wounded when terrorists bombed the Istanbul Airport. Turkey has been fighting ISIS for a while.

21. Pokemon Go – New app featuring popular card game characters is overnight success. Users have caused controversy by trespassing on private property and putting themselves in danger by not paying attention.

22. Flooding in Louisiana – Sustained torrential rain in Louisiana caused massive floods, displacing thousands of people and causing millions of dollars in damages.

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