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There’s no ‘pro’ in procrastination

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There is no “pro” in procrastination.

Procrastination is a loan of time now for time later. Like any other kind of a loan, procrastination brings with it interest and a gamble.

The future is uncertain. You may busier then than you are right now. As the semester progresses, your time does become more valuable.

In the future, not only will there be the regularly assigned homework of readings, response writes and worksheets, but more time-consuming tasks like essays and projects as well. Eventually, midterms and finals will sneak up, and the carefully constructed jenga tower of assignments you have built up is very likely to tumble down.

If too much time is taken on loan, and later there is too much work to do in time, then the work you did not do will not be done and the consequences may be severe.

Sure, putting off an assignment or two probably won’t add too much stress to your life later. But putting off a few from each class might, and it definitely will when those assignments have to be juggled around other priorities – those not including class!

The minute you procrastinate just to procrastinate – meaning finding things to avoid doing your work (Netflix, naps, staring at a wall) – is the minute that “pro”-crastination becomes, “anti”-crastination. Setting yourself up for a guaranteed failure in the future.

In an ideal world, one could say, “There is no “pro” in procrastinating! It’s just putting things off – being lazy,” and they would be right.

I’m not advocating for procrastinating, but in a realistic world, loans (procrastination) are sometimes a necessity. You cannot account for the unaccountable: accidents, illness or even just something better to do – a reward for all your hard work. The debt, the gamble and the interest can all be worth the risk and promise to repay.

It’s all about investing wisely and with purpose, not leisure and luxury – as I’m sure a few of you can relate.

So choose wisely what you procrastinate for, and remember there is no “pro” in procrastination.

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