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Galaxy Note 7 Recall Update

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In September, Samsung recalled their Galaxy Note 7 due to the model causing fires, leading to property damage. Earlier this month, a replacement model had been shipped to North America, Europe and Asia. Now, these models have also been recalled for the same mechanical issues.

According to Android Central, in the U.S. all Note 7 models are under recall and are no longer allowed on airplanes. According to CNET, Amtrak has also banned the phone, no longer allowing them on any Amtrak transport vehicle. Samsung is urging customers to turn off and return their phones to the retailer at which they bought it as soon as possible.

Because of the issues, exchange and return policies have been altered for the Note 7, and the phone itself will be discontinued. According to the official Samsung website, the company is offering an exchange program in which they state that they will offer up to $100 credit to exchange for a different model. They are also offering refunds, as well as some form of credit in collaboration with certain retailers.

The program began on Oct. 13, 2016 at 3:00 p.m.

Samsung has also opened special booths at airports where customers can exchange their phone before a flight.

According to the New York Times, while Samsung was recalling the Note 7 in the U.S., the company was reassuring customers elsewhere that the phones were safe. They claimed that the Chinese version of the phone was safe as it had a different battery.

Chinese Samsung customer Zhang Sitong soon found that to be false. Sitong reported that his phone unexpectedly caught fire while his friend filmed it. Later, Samsung offered him a new phone and $900 compensation on the grounds to keep the video private.

The New York Times also reported, China’s state-run broadcaster is now calling for Samsung to reveal to the public both the test samples used in safety tests, but also the test process itself.

Samsung publicly apologized, but have not granted customers access to investigations as regarding the cause of the fires.

While the Galaxy Note may be officially dead, the iPhone 7 has already proven to beat the competition. According to BGR.com, the iPhone’s A10 Fusion Chip gives Apple an edge.

The A10 Fusion Chip is the iPhone’s processor, which is the technology within the phone that makes it more computer than telephone. The A10 processor is not only 40 percent faster than the iPhone 6’s A9 Chip, but it also outperforms leading Android phones. Numerous tests put the A10 as best in its class.

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