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Hillary’s Shadow: How Bill Clinton is Affecting Her Campaign

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Less than a month away from Nov. 8 – Election Day – and many people are still confusing Hillary Clinton’s ideals with those of Former President Bill Clinton.

Statements are thrown out questioning Bill’s past judgments and Hillary’s credibility, but not as many people seem to be interested in the actively poor and degrading decisions made by Donald Trump on a daily basis.

In an article titled, “Bill Clinton isn’t running for president, but fine — let’s talk about his womanizing,” published by the Chicago Tribune, it is addressed how easy it is for Trump to distract the public from the supposed “locker room talk,” and direct their attention to the disloyalty and dishonesty of Bill…

Wait a second, last time I checked, Hillary Clinton was on the ballot come November. It has come to the point where it feels like almost every day a new victim comes forward with an allegation against Trump, yet he continues to brush them off his shoulder and distracts people with unrelated and irrelevant information – the Lewinsky Scandal – that happened in 1995.

You might argue that Bill’s actions do reflect a lot about Hillary. “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with,” wrote American entrepreneur and author Jim Rohn. I cannot disagree with this, the traits of the people you openly and warmly associate with definitely say a lot about the person you are.

This does not discredit the fact that somebody’s own characteristics, actions and statements are a direct reflection of their true character. But how do Bill’s actions depict Hillary’s character? Hillary’s dedication and loyalty to continue to love her husband after the mistakes he made reflect a sense of forgiveness and ability to move forward despite obstacles.

Tomi Lahren, avid Trump supporter, political journalist and reporter for TheBlaze TV, addressed the not-so-surprising release of Trump’s vulgar statements, and she is right.

During the infamous Access Hollywood tape, Trump said to Billy Bush, “I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.”

This quote is of innocence compared to the vulgarity expressed in the Treleased clips. He openly and repeatedly uses his power to manipulate others – especially women. Was anybody really surprised that Trump said those things?

What was surprising was his supporters’ ability to almost simultaneously move past these statements. Supporters defended him, stating that he only said those things to be included in the conversation and it happened in the past anyway.

But 1995 is in the past too. How can people overcome something degrading and dehumanizing that Trump himself said in 2005, but not something that Bill Clinton did over 20 years ago?

Lahren said, “I am far more bothered by what Hillary has done, than by what Trump has said. Truth is, his leaked recording is a problem because of how it makes us feel, not how it impacts governance. Does it impact border security? National Security? Trade, jobs, spending or anything else that impacts your daily life?”

Yes, it does.

Social progress and equality for women is still an issue that is faced daily on the individual level for many people, including myself. Putting somebody in office that even once had the mentality that he can control other people by taking advantage of them is risking any opportunity for continual social progress.

While his vulgar language and mentality might not directly impact his ability to successfully govern a nation in economics and security, it will most definitely have an impact on the opportunities, discrimination and equality found in our country.

It is time to move past the past and to start thinking about which presidential candidate will not only maintain national security and a successful economy, but also which candidate will promote equality and progress in society.

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