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The Middle Ground- The WAVE Radio hosts Wisconsin-native band

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Written by Morgan Forst & Claire Carlson – Public Relations Students at Carthage College

On Friday, October 10, the Carthage Wave Radio had the opportunity to sit down with The Middle Ground in The Wave studio. The Middle Ground, an alternative pop style band from Milwaukee, is a dynamic group of four: vocalist and guitarist Joe Neary, vocalist and bass player Jordan Burmeister, drummer Chris Halbauer and lead guitarist Zach Grusznski.

Originally calling themselves “The Joe Neary Band,” the group changed their name once they solidified their group of four and became more popular. In this exclusive interview, the band talked about everything from how they met, the fun they have being on the road, and their move from Milwaukee to music city, Nashville, Tenn. When asked about their style and inspiration, the band was unanimous in claiming “Imagine Dragons” and “Coldplay” as their band inspiration and music style. However, it was mentioned that their style is very unique to each person in the band.

“We listen to so much music, we pull from everywhere,” said Neary in regards to the band’s style. The band, recently awarded the Wisconsin Area Music Industry New Artist of the Year Award, joked about how despite their location change they still consider Wisconsin their home.

“We’re just studying abroad right now,” said Burmeister and Halbauer.

The band released a new album this summer and disclosed to us which songs were their favorites. While each had their own set of favorites, the four were in agreement that their song “Lake Michigan” was the best.

The Wave Radio was given the opportunity to be the first to hear the name of their new album, “Start Again.” While sitting together in the cozy studio, the band expressed their experience of playing at Summerfest in Milwaukee for the past two years. The band members recalled the exciting transition from attending the 11-day-long music festival compared to performing at it.

“We love playing wherever anyone will have us,” said Neary, “especially if it’s back home.”

The Middle Ground performed at the University of Wisconsin – Madison this past Thursday before stopping at Carthage the next morning on their way back to Nashville for another show.


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