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Does Water Cure All?

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These are things we’re always told: “stay hydrated,” “drink lots of water.” I’ve always considered myself pretty good at sticking to this. I can’t even pass a water fountain without stopping. In high school, when I was walking down the hallway with my friends, they would automatically pause at the fountain before I even started to walk over to it (they also do this with dogs and boys wearing cardigans).

However, I drink no where near the recommended amount of water per day, so I thought, “Well, this will be interesting,” and here we are.


All of the following is from Web MD, which doesn’t always conclude imminent death.

Drinking water helps keep you full because it takes longer to absorb, meaning that you won’t get hungry as quickly and therefore will not take in as many calories. Substituting other, more sugary, drinks for water helps with calorie intake as well.

Water maintains the balance of your bodily fluids, which helps with digestion, circulation, transportation of nutrients, and body temperature. It also prevents your electrolytes from shriveling, which causes fatigue. This energizes your muscles.

Water helps to prevent acne, wrinkles, and dry skin, as well as kidney stones and constipation.

When it comes to the recommended water intake, you should also take into account your weight, height, age and daily activity. The closest thing to a calculator for this that I could find was on http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/water_calculator.htm

This website recommended that I drink 93 ounces of water everyday.


I grabbed my 32-oz, pretentious, Brita water bottle and carried it around with me all day. My goal was to refill it twice throughout the day, so my total intake would be 96 oz. I was very sure to avoid overhydration this past week as that leads to negative side effects like nausea and vomiting, headaches, confusion and disorientationand sodium in the blood.

I also continued to do yoga this week so that I was still getting some activity in. I completed one to two yoga videos per day from YouTube channel Boho Beautiful.


One obvious con to drinking this amount of water is that there were a lot of bathroom breaks. A lot. Probably every hour or so. I couldn’t even make it through a full Tuesday/Thursday class period. It didn’t help that I was still having my daily coffee on top of my 96 oz. of water this week (foreshadowing?).

The yoga, as it did last week, helped me feel relaxed and energetic after each practice, which was great because school was incredibly brutal. I’m not sure if any of this energy was caused by my increased water intake.

Besides these things, there were no real effects that I noticed. I think that the experiment needs to be continued for a longer period of time to truly notice some of the symptoms, like clear skin and decreased calorie intake. This is something I fully intend to discover and will write a follow up blog on sometime in the future, so keep checking in!

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