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Donald Trump Wins Presidency

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Donald Trump has defeated Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election. Trump won not only the traditional Republican strongholds of the South and interior West, but won several states lost by Mitt Romney, according to the New York Times. Trump won Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania. As of press time Arizona, Michigan and New Hampshire have not yet been called but are expected to be Republican victories. While Hillary Clinton lost the electoral vote, she may have won the popular vote, although that will not be known until those final states are counted.

In Wisconsin, Donald Trump won with 1,404,376 votes to Clinton’s 1,377,588, with Libertarian Gary Johnson receiving 106,091 votes and Green Party candidate Jill Stein receiving 30,899 votes, according to CBS. Republican Ron Johnson narrowly retained his Senate seat after a challenge from Democrat Russ Feingold, and House Speaker Paul Ryan won handily over newcomer Ryan Solen.

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