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New Friendships – New Possibilities

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“Since there is nothing so well worth having as “close” friends, never lose a chance to make them.” –Francesco Guicciardini

Week 9:

After four years of making some of the best friends of my life at Carthage, I cannot help but to reflect upon how happy I am with who I have met.

I know that I have made friends that will stay with me until we are knitting in rocking chairs, caring for our grandchildren or attending bingo at a nursing home– all because of the small, yet significant encounters everyday.

I love when I am in a crowded room and my friend and I lock eyes and immediately demonstrate the same ridiculous dance moves no matter who is around. Or when I pass somebody on campus drive, and even if we don’t have anything to say we are both immediately happy to see each other, smiling from ear to ear thinking about the memories that we share, and the memories that are to come.

I love when a song plays and memories flow, and i think about all of the times that it has been played while we were together. All of the times that we listened to it in each other’s company, dancing the night away.

And you know the best part about it? I still have an entire year to make new friends.

Often, individuals block themselves off from meeting new people because they already have a few close friends, but there is no reason to put a limit on the amount of support and friendship that you welcome into your life.

While the opportunities to meet new people are endless, this sometimes involves entering situations that you might not normally find yourself. Visit a new restaurant, play a new game or join a new club, because you never know how influential the people there might be to your future.

You can meet people in the most unexpected places and times. Why would you close yourself off to meeting these people who can have an amazing impact on your life? When one gets too comfortable with the set of friends they have, they tend to be less welcoming of new opportunities in general, failing to see new perspectives. Imagine how much you can learn from a new friend.

Think about how many faces that a person passes in one day. Each one having a story, a unique thought, a story that you can learn and grow from. A story that is different than yours but that you can share. A story that you might miss out on if you do not open yourself to the possibility of welcoming new relationships.

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