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World Series 2016 Chicago Champions

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“Sure as God made green apples, someday the Chicago Cubs are going to be in the World Series,” said legendary Cubs broadcaster Harry Caray on the final day of the 1991 Cubs season, a season which the Cubs fell below .500 and out of the pennant race. It was a season so reminiscent of many seasons since their last World Series appearance in 1945, and even more so since their last win in 1908.

Yet how times have changed in the 108 years since the last Cubs World Series win. Two World Wars came and went and man had done the unthinkable in reaching the final frontier of space. Wrigley Field was not even the Cubs’ stadium yet when they last won it all. The global landscape of everything was so vastly different it becomes incredible to think just how long it had really been.

The curse of the Billy Goat happened in 1945, casting an omnipresent shadow over the Cubs. The Steve Bartman incident happened in 2003. Doing what any normal fan does when seeing a ball coming towards them, he reached out for a foul ball which Moises Alou nearly had within reach. The Cubs became so disjointed and disrupted that they blew the game and the series. The Lovable Losers struck again.

Things changed when Theo Epstein was hired as the Cubs’ president of baseball operations in hopes of breaking the curse. But Epstein was not convinced he would end the curse.

“I don’t believe in curses. I guess I played a small part in proving they do not exist from a baseball standpoint,” said Epstein.

Cubs fans rejoiced; the man who broke the curse of Bambino for the Boston Red Sox came to Chicago to break their decades-long curse as well. There was euphoria and optimism, but cynicism as well seeing how the Cubs were more than just unlucky. Things steadily got better as talent started pouring into the Cubs farm system and into the starting roster. After coming up short in 2015 after losing to the New York Mets in the National League Conference Series, the Cubs made it to the World Series in 2016 and someway, somehow, they actually won it. 108 years later, they finally won it again.

“Based on the young players we have in this organization, we have an opportunity to be good for a long time,” said Joe Maddon, Cubs General Manager.

That’s the best part of it all, Cubs fans. Not only did the Cubs finally get to hoist that trophy again, but they have a team with the potential to hoist it time and time again in the foreseeable future. Lovable Losers no more.


Carthage students share what the Cubs mean to them:

“I’ve been a Cubs fan my whole life so it was a really special moment for me, but thinking about those people who have been waiting 4 or even 5 times as long as I have is what’s truly amazing to me. I mean unless you’re 108 years old this is the first time you’ve ever heard ‘the Cubs are the world champs’,” – Matt Musielak, ‘19.

“The Chicago Cubs winning the World Series was a dream come true. I have been a Cubs fan all my life and attended multiple games at Wrigley Field. For years, the Cubs have been fun to watch even though they may not have had a whole lot of wins. It was amazing to be able to witness the Cubs win the World Series after a 108 year drought! Right after the last out was made, a group of people and I ran outside and sprinted down Campus drive as we flew our ‘W’ flags in the air. By the time we came back, the campus had erupted and everyone was outside, screaming and celebrating! It was such a great experience to be able to witness history being made.” – Brad Howard, ‘18.

“The Cubs championship is huge for me. As a die-hard, lifelong fan, it was amazing to see. And what a way to finish; Game 7 was the best baseball I’ve ever seen! This whole season was so fun to watch and the Cubs were so likable. This season and World Series are something I will never forget, and I will look back on it with a smile for the rest of my life. This championship was well deserved, and I think we can expect a few more in the years to come!” – James Hill, ‘17.

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