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No Player’s Guaranteed to be a Starter as the Men’s Volleyball Team Begins Their Season

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The 2017 Red Men’s volleyball team is turning out like a typical episode of Survivor. No one is safe in their position, making the team competitive and top notch. Graduating three starting seniors and welcoming seven freshmen and one sophomore transfer invites every individual’s best, as no starting positions are set in stone.

“Since our program is so competitive, it is unique to see five seniors who have been on the team for four years,” said Cody Bolan, ’17. “ Our coaches tell us to compete for positions. Seniority means nothing with the talent we have this year.”

The incoming class has been highly regarded by their fellow teammates, stressing the incredible amount of talent and skill walking into the program this season. The biggest benefits are the physical size in certain positions that were lacking in the years prior, and the chemistry already formed prior to the season starting.

“They’re playing well and have become great friends with everyone. We’re glad they’re a part of our team this year,” said Matt Reinel, ’19.

During the offseason, the team was able to come together in a slightly different setting as they hosted their threeday long summer volleyball camp for local high school students. During this time, Red Men alumni are welcomed back to assist in the camp as well as give their insight of the game to current and future players.

“The current players know the recent alumni from when they played not long ago, which helps create the family atmosphere,” said Bolan.

With a close bond between players and a hunger to continue the team’s success from last year, in which they received a bid for the National Collegiate Athletic Association following an undefeated conference run, the Red Men are confident in their goals this season.

onfident in their goals this season. “We will take every game as it comes, making the next game more of a priority than last year,” said Marc Hansen, ’17. “That way we can achieve our goal of going undefeated in conference for the third time in a row and be undefeated in Division III play as well.”

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