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Courageous decisions – Bold Beginnings

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You know, sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage. Just, literally, 20 seconds of just embarrassing bravery.” –Benjamin Mee from We Bought a Zoo


In the movie We Bought a Zoo, Benjamin Mee buys a house located on a local, run-down zoo to start a new adventure for himself and his two kids after suffering the loss of his wife: a huge, bittersweet step forward caused mostly by courage, hope and spontaneity.


The family’s motto creates new beginnings, new love, and new relationships that help transition and start fresh. Mr. Mee’s bold move sprouted from an overarching goal to relocate his family, but by adding a little courage, his plans became a new adventure.


Everyday, you might face opportunities to make decisions and arrive at destinations that bring you a sense of adventure and joy. From the simple things like reaching out to an old, missed friend to making moves forward to new beginnings, take worthwhile risks and turn your can’ts into cans.


New ideas, new challenges and new experiences can be welcomed and opened up with a little courage, gumption and spontaneity. Forget about what other people are thinking and move towards transforming your own ideas and goals into achievable plans.


Think you have a crazy idea? Think it through – maybe it’s not so crazy afterall. Work out the kinks, make it realistic and achievable. Think about the possibilities that are out there. Find an option that might work, an opportunity that you can embrace, and seek it out further. Make the extra move, and get to where you want to be.


This January, I went to Nicaragua, an opportunity that I couldn’t turn down as part of J-Term. It was both scary and exciting to embark on this trip, but with a little help from my sense of adventure, I embraced as much of the culture and experience as I could while traveling.


As a senior, I have one full semester standing between me and the real world – the after-grad life. 20-seconds of courage, along with a little embarrassment can take me far in this time.


Within the year, if I live with this quote in mind, a lot might happen. With a willingness to be bold, I may find myself applying to jobs out of state, moving to new, unique places and forming so many new relationships – from friends to coworkers and everything in between.


It’s just a little bit of change for one person, but without it, the adventure that lies ahead feels a lot more mundane and definitely not as exciting.


All it takes is 20-seconds, so go ahead and add some excitement, seek that adventure, and make your path one that lights up with unforgettable memories.


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