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How to Make Mini-Fruit Popsicles

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Spring semester has approached and I’m sure we’re all drowning in homework and responsibilities in just the first week. Having healthy eating habits and simple fun snacks on-the-go is essential for a hectic schedule.


Over the mini-break after J-term, I was able to go home and to my surprise, my little sister made me some delicious mini-fruit popsicles. Although temperatures have dropped recently, I’m sure that these mini popsicles will be a delight in your cozy room while doing homework. Without further ado, here is my cute little sister’s yummy recipe!

Ingredients you’ll need:





Almond Milk

Small paper cups

Popsicle sticks



Essentially, you’ll be making a smoothie and then freezing it. Depending on how many servings you’ll want, blend all the ingredients together. Then, in various small paper cups (that you can purchase at a Dollar Store), pour out the blended mixture. Place a popsicle stick in each cup right at the center and stick them in the freezer! It’s super fast and easy, and they’ll be frozen and ready to munch on in a couple of hours.

Coming home to my sister’s excitement of making her popsicles, and even more enthusiasm to have me try them was the cutest thing in the world. And not to mention, they were absolutely delicious (I might have eaten more than I should have, don’t tell her though)!!

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