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Team Fluff Wins First Lombarki Trophy

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For thirteen years, lovable, adoptable puppies have competed to be the Puppy Bowl Champions. This year, stakes were higher than ever before for Team Rough and Team Fluff, who for the first time, were competing for the Lombarki Trophy. For those that missed the record-breaking Puppy Bowl XIII, here are thirteen impawsibbly hard to miss highlights:

  1. Each quarter highlighted the teams of pups in a new light, allowing the crowd to be introduced to over 40 unique team members.
  2. The referee, Dan, not only got to congratulate good-plays, pull flags on mischievousness, and announce the winning team, but at one point he also had to vacuum the field to ensure pup safety and fun. (Talk about dream job…)
  3. Surge the Hamster consistently kept the scoreboard running throughout the game, and the guinea pig cheerleaders frequently stole the show.
  4. “Pup Close and Personal” featured unique stories from pups like Suba, Striker, and Peanut, the latter being found taking a break eating seedless watermelon on the field – sticking to his vegan diet.
  5. Team Rough’s mascot, Orlando the rescue Screech Owl sat unamused while his team faced defeat, while Team Fluff’s very own Muffin the Chinchilla paraded the field, overjoyed with energy after his team was announced champions.
  6. Daphne, a teammate from Team Rough, was “trash talking” players from Team Fluff, before the beginning of the fourth quarter. Other pups throughout the game received five-yard penalties for doing so. Good sportsmanship goes a long way, even in doggy games.
  7. Surrounded by toys, Doobert and Stretch fought over a Martian toy for most of the fourth quarter. Loyalty to their teams led to neither backing down from the tug-of-war match.
  8. Agility, speed and jumping training took place with trainer, Chunk Handler (Chelsea Handler’s rescue pup), in which three puppies, Pearl, Piper, and Mia struggled with obstacles and lessons. Then, out of nowhere Bo appears and aced the agility test, winning himself a spot on Team Ruff.
  9. Nikita, from Team Fluff, was awarded the Subaru Drive of the Day for making puppy bowl history with the first ever touchdown using the referees flag.
  10. While the focus steered away from all the pups, some special kitties took the show: The Sheba Skybox Kittens were playfully cheering on their pup friends, and the Kitty GaGa and Chicago Rocats halftime show presented a whole new form of talent.
  11. After voting took place, Rory won MVP for kicking off the game with not only the first touchdown but back-to-back touchdowns in the first quarter.
  12. Team Rough’s morale was dwindling towards the end of the fourth quarter, but some doggy dreams and puppy naps brought the teams together.
  13. Breaking their two-year streak of defeat, Team Fluff won with a record-breaking score of 93-38. Team Captain Tucker was presented with the first Lombarki Trophy, and the pups continued to play with celebration.

While Team Fluff won with points, it was a tie when it came to cuteness. Many of the dogs that participated in the competition have since then been adopted, but for more information about the Puppy Bowl and all its participants you can visit www.animalplanet.com/tv-shows/puppy-bowl.

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