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The Wonders of Dogs

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“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” –Josh Billings


Countdown to Graduation: 15 Weeks


Fifteen weeks seems like a long enough time that I feel like I can take a break from thinking about post-grad dilemmas and fears to just think about how awesome it is that dogs really are a man’s best friend.


This weekend was The Puppy Bowl XIII. Some people might have been more focused on Superbowl LI, but I have my priorities too, okay? Watching 40+ dogs play on TV really got me thinking about the impact dogs can have.


Freshman year, I was stupidly stressed out about an assignment – I was probably being dramatic about something I had to read for Western Heritage – when one of my friends showed me a picture of a pup. But this was not just any pup, this one made tears stream down my face. Was it the pressure of finals, or its sheer adorableness? We may never know, but it’s about time to give dogs the recognition they deserve.


Every once in awhile I take some time to browse the internet for dogs that are available for adoption. Each one has its own story, its own future up ahead that will soon unfold and their own tricks and quirks to be shared with its new family. I can only hope that each dog is rehomed to a family that will appreciate its past and spread the love in the future.


One of my favorite things is when a dog passes you on the street but gets too excited and ends up accidentally jumping around. Usually the owners will apologize, but I usually thank them because no dog deserves to walk-by without any attention.


A dog’s love, sometimes even to complete strangers, knows no bounds. The people around you might forget to ask how your day was, but everyday when you come home from work, your dog will be just as excited to see you as the day before.


It’s hard to always put others before yourself, I mean afterall, your own happiness is pretty important. But a dog doesn’t care. If you are sick on the couch, they will be next to you with snuggles nearby, and when you are ready to go on a walk, they will go fetch their own leash.


Dogs don’t care about themselves; they care about you – spending time with you, protecting you and loving you – always putting other people as a priority before themselves.


Imagine a world where all humans acted with such selflessness – loving their neighbors more than themselves and helping others more than they help themselves.
Wait, fifteen more weeks until graduation? Why did I just talk about dogs for 400 words, I should be working on thesis! Oh, the wonders of procrastination…

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