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Happy Vday & welcome to this weeks blog!!! Whether you’re single or ready to mingle (or not), it’s always nice to celebrate every kind of love. There are not that many new album releases this week, but I do have one heck of a playlist to share.


First, alternative rapper Lupe Fiasco released a new album on February 10th. This is his sixth studio album since first releasing “Lupe Fiasco’s Food and Liquor” in 2006. He is known for a mix of both mellow and hardcore rap, featuring many different artists on his tracks. His latest release “DROGAS Light” is not so reminiscent of his older albums. There’s a variety of tracks that remind me of the 70’s as well as tracks that remind me of 2000’s house music. Check out Lupe Fiasco if you like Common, Mos Def or Talib Kweli.


Second, psychedelic band Froth released a new album entitled “Outside (Briefly).” Their music is very relaxed and almost Beach Boys-esque. This is only their third studio album since they are a fairly new band. Their unofficial genre is “Dream Pop,” which definitely accurately describes their music. Check them out if you like bands such as MGMT, Mystic Braves or The Kooks.


Next up, British artist Teen Daze released his newest album entitled “Themes for Dying Earth.” His music is very chill and is great to listen to while studying because most of the songs do not have any words. If you like chill music like the xx, Schlomo or xxyyxx then give Teen Daze a try.


Finally, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness released a new album. AMITW’s music is very upbeat and feels bright. He was formerly know as the group “Jack’s Mannequin,” but retired the name in 2012 to begin a label with his own name. This is his fourth studio album since going self titled. His music is similar to The Format, The Rocket Summer and The Starting Line, so if you like them, listen to AMITW.


This weeks playlist is, of course, Valentine’s Day themed. There’s songs for people who are in a relationship, people who aren’t in a relationship and are happy about it and people who aren’t in a relationship and sad about it. Basically every song on the playlist has something to do with relationships or love. Some songs included on the playlist are “ You Da One” by Rihanna, “Without You” by Lana del Rey, “Feeling This” by Blink-182 and “Heartless” by Kanye West. Link is below.

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