Hubble Space Telescope

On March 6, 2016 NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope set a new cosmic distance record by measuring the farthest galaxy it has been able to measure by viewing what it would have looked like 13.4 billion years ago. This means that this giant leap forward...


Hungary’s Berlin Wall

Hungary has decided to close off its entire southern border to reduce the amount of illegal Middle Eastern immigrants entering the country. The controversial decision was announced during Prime Minister Viktor Orban‘s state of the nation...


New H.I.V Prevention for African Women

A very inexpensive and flexible vaginal ring was recently developed to help African women lower their chance of contracting H.I.V from their sexual partners. This is very big news in the world of H.I.V and A.I.D.S and could possibly change the virus...


Be Disney’s Frugal Guest

The “Happiest Place on Earth” introduces new demand-based pricing at both Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, and Disneyland Resort in California. Thomas Smith, Editorial Content Director for Disney Parks stated, “As you may have read in the...

jeb bush

Jeb Bush’s Withdrawal

Former Florida Governor and Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush suspended his campaign on Feb. 20 after another disappointing finish in the South Carolina Primary. Bush spoke to reporters after the results came in and said, “The people of Iowa and New...


Peanuts May Not Be So Deadly After All

West Hartford, Connecticut – kids at the New England Food Allergy Treatment Center are receiving small doses of peanut protein to hopefully reverse their allergy to the nut. This treatment is known as oral immunotherapy. “The idea is to...