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United States: Olive Garden advised to “Back off on the breadsticks” Starboard Value has written a 300-page dissertation on what is wrong with Olive Garden and its management. Under immediate fire is the reckless behavior regarding their famous...

Jack The Ripper's identity finally discovered

DNA uncovers Jack the Ripper’s true identity

In London of 1888, the serial killer Jack the Ripper stalked the night, preying upon prostitutes of the Whitechapel district. The killer was never found. Now, however, that may have change. New DNA evidence on a shawl from one of the victims may...

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ISIS sends warning through James Foley beheading

The Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS) is held responsible for the death and beheading of James Foley, a free-lance journalist who experienced tragedy while reporting on high-conflict areas in the Middle East. When Foley decided on traveling to...

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Brown’s memorial held in Ferguson

Michael Brown’s Funeral was held Monday Aug. 25. Reverend Al Sharpton urged the gathered to do more than mourn. “We are required,” Sharpton said, “to leave here today and change things.” The people of Ferguson as well as the nation are...


News in Brief

Vince Gaffney, an archaeologist responsible for the Stonehenge Hidden Landscape Project has made a unique discovery. Beneath Stonehenge lies more than 15 late Neolithic monuments that were previously either misunderstood or unheard of. Perhaps even...

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What we do to our boys

It is common knowledge that the media and pop culture have profound effects on girls from a young age. Society tells them to be dainty and defer to men and look a certain way in order to be accepted and desired. What is not as obvious, however, is...

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Sterling startles public with racist comments

America is a nation of rich history and diverse cultures and people. The country, however, is still healing from what happened hundreds of years ago. Racism is one of the touchiest subjects in the country with any instance or hint of racism highly...