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Crazy court cases clog justice system

Drug actually Pop-Tart A North Carolina man was arrested for an alleged incident involving cocaine and an undercover police officer. 30-year-old Cameron Mitchell was arrested on Sept. 4 for the incident, which had occurred over the summer. Mitchell...

An ISIS soldier speaks to America

Obama, America take stand against ISIS

President Barack Obama announced in a televised address to the nation on September 10th that the US military will continue to intensify an already ongoing airstrike campaign in collaboration with the Iraqi government. This will be a reactionary...

Drought in Cali. has drastically affects locals morale and economy

The drought drags on in California

Despite its best efforts, California is beginning to show signs of regress in her struggle against a seemingly never-ending drought. The severe lack of water has led to negative effects on both its economy and its residents’ morale. California is...

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Roman Historical Restoration

ROME—Once the greatest empire in the known world, has now become a famous center for today’s fashion world and tourism. Housing some of the greatest monuments in history, Rome works hard to keep the proof of its famous history alive and in good...

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Ebola Outbreak spreads

The virus known as Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever has been spreading unnervingly fast across West Africa in the largest recorded outbreak in the disease’s history, with more than 3,700 suspected cases and 1,800 suspected deaths since March of this year,...


Ukraine, Russia tug-of-war continues

The recent crisis in Ukraine began last year when a pro-Russian leader in Kiev, Ukraine’s capitol, turned down a free trade deal with the European Union in favor of making a deal with Russia. This sparked months of demonstrations that...