Amazon CEO Aims for the Stars

The idea of space travel has intrigued the human race ever since we first learned how to fly. The space race resulted in humanity’s first taste of the unknown and uncharted expanse beyond this planet we call home. With the first man successfully...


Baltimore Riots: A Sign of Racial Disparity

The recent events in Baltimore shook this nation that has already witnessed similar reoccurring incidents throughout the past year. People took to the streets to protest the death of Freddie Gray, a man who recently died while in police custody. A...


The Most Accurate Ammunition

Here comes the future – the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has completed the homing bullet. By ‘homing bullet,’ is meant ‘guided projectile,’ similarly to how larger munitions such as missiles are engineered for the best...


Nigerian Troops Kill Civilians

Boko Haram means ‘Western education is forbidden.’ It is also the name for a radical political party in Nigeria. In many cases, ‘Western’ refers to Europe and at times the United States. For example, a ‘Western idea’ is Catholicism. For...


Sea Predator’s Fossil Found in Australia

  For the students that have been on J-term trips digging for artifacts or fossils, here is a tale for to appreciate. Australian farmer Robert Hacon was tending to his farm near Neila in Queensland when he came across the jaw of an ancient sea...


Google Launches Data Providing Service

This week, Google gave a new meaning to data provision services. They have just launched their latest innovation: Project Fi. Through this network, Google provides its customers with a data plan that uses both Wifi and 4G LTE networks. The device...