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Russia Launches into Syria’s Crisis

On Saturday, Oct. 3, Turkey reported that a Russian jet entered their airspace. Later on, they reported that the aircraft went into Syria. Two days later, on Oct. 5, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Russian ambassador and stated,...


Russian Statue 11,000

An ancient statue was found in a Russian peat bog in 1894. What may seem to be old news…is in fact very old news. According to a Mother Nature Network article, this statue was recently discovered to be 11,000 years old – the oldest...


‘Fish Out of Water’ OR ‘Nanomachines, Son!’

Here comes the future – there now exist robotic fish tiny enough to travel through and detoxify the circulatory system of a human body. The nanotechnology (tiny robotics) department at the University of California-San Diego has brought us closer...

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H&M Breaks New Ground With Muslim Ad Campaign

H&M, the trendy clothing company, just came out with a new ad campaign featuring 23-year-old Mariah Idrissi. Mariah is not your average super model; she’s a Muslim woman, and one of the first to be featured in such a campaign. Idrissi being...


What You Need to Know About the Volkswagen Scandal

Volkswagen’s image in the United States will be forever changed after this week’s breaking news. On Sept. 18, 2015, it was concluded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that VW had software that violated the Clean Air Act and that the...


Amazon CEO Aims for the Stars

The idea of space travel has intrigued the human race ever since we first learned how to fly. The space race resulted in humanity’s first taste of the unknown and uncharted expanse beyond this planet we call home. With the first man successfully...