Letters to the Editor:


The Current will accept all submissions from the Carthage Community that adhere to the following guidelines: to be eligible for publication, all letters must be typed or hand-written legibly. Letter must include the author’s name, address, phone number and campus affiliation, if any. Unsigned letters will not be published. No opinion, however controversial, will be refused publication providing it is not libelous or in obvious poor taste. Letters may be edited for purposes of space or clarity. Letters to the Editor will be limited to 600 words in length. In such circumstances, proper bracketing will occur, names will be withheld from letters by request if the writer includes his or her name and presents valid reasons for the request. Should the request for anonymity be refused, the letter may not be published unless the writer agreed, in writing, to the publication of their identity. All original letters will be kept on file for one year following publication. Please submit letter to the editor: Danielle Collins,

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